There is a lot to soak in here, so if you have any questions, take another look over the page and if you still can't find what you need, EMAIL us at with "ATC QUESTION" in the Subject Line.

Registration Information

  • Registration for 40k 2018 IS OPEN NOW!
  • Pre-registration/Registration for The ATC Event is done through Dicehead Games & Comics. Please email the information below to and purchase your tickets HERE at DICEHEAD.COM to register. 
  • IMPORTANT: If you email and do not receive a response within 48 hours, please call SHANE at Dicehead Games and Comics at (423) 473-7125! 

how to register: 

1 - email: with "ATC Registratration" in the Subject Line with the following REQUIRED information:

  • The Full Name of the Team Captain. (Team members may be added/changed as needed)
  • One ACTIVE email contact that is USED & CHECKED OFTEN for the Team Captain. (email contacts for EACH member is also recommended if possible)
  • The Name of the Team

2 - Purchase your team's tickets.

You can call : (423) 473-7125 IF you need further assistance, but we would prefer email correspondence as much as possible. 



  • 6 Tournament Rounds, 3-Day Event (2 games Friday, 3 games Saturday, 1 game Sunday)
  • 3 hour rounds plus a minimum of 15 mins pairing time.​
    • Friday : Captains Meeting at NOON, Dice Roll at 12:30pm (2 games back to back)
    • Saturday : Dice Roll at 8am (3 games with 1 hour lunch break)
    • Sunday : Dice Roll at 9am (1 game and awards)


  • ​Please see the SCORING section below.


  • Team matches will be random first round and then W vs W, L vs L, D vs D. The Individual player pairing system can be reviewed below.


This has changed from last year to better reflect a team's actual performance and to help reduce disreputable tactics during individual game play.

A Round between teams consists of 5 individual games. Each individual game will score a number of points as detailed in the mission pack.

The combined total of all individual player’s scores on a team will give them their TEAM TOTAL for that round.

The Team Scores will be calculated each tournament round as follows:

At the end of each tournament round, it will be the Captain's responsibility to calculate BOTH their team’s and their opponent's team's overall round score. To do this, each captain will follow the guidelines below:

1 - Add up each team’s total score (5 individual player scores per team) for the round.  The player scores for each game are calculated exactly as per the ITC mission.  Subtract the lower Team Total from the higher Team Total, this will give you the Team Differential.

2 – If the Team Differential is 21 points OR MORE, the Team with the higher Team Total will receive a Win, and the Team with the lower Team Total will receive a Loss.  The winning team will receive 2 Round Points and add the Team Differential to 200 for their TEAM SCORE.  The losing team will receive 0 Round Points will subtract the Team Differential from 200 for their TEAM SCORE.

3 – If the Team Differential is LESS THAN 21 points, both Teams will receive a Draw, 1 Round Point, and calculate their TEAM SCORE as above.  

4 - The final Team Score each round will be a Maximum of 400 and a Minimum of 0.  Record the TEAM SCORES on BOTH Team’s Score Card along with BOTH Captain's initials on BOTH Team Score sheets.

Scoring this way versus just adding scores together will make it more difficult for a team to slow play an opponent and normalizes how many points are being distributed every round of the event.


If a team wins 4 or 5 of their individual games in a round then that team will earn an automatic Win (2 Round Points), regardless of points totals. In this case, points MUST still be calculated and reported as normal, as the total points scored over the course of the event will help to determine tie breakers and overall team placement.


In the event of a tie in the final standings, the following statistics will be used to break the tie:

First Tie Breaker = Number of individual player Game wins on a team
Second Tie Breaker = Total individual player points from a team
Third Tie Breaker = Margin of Victory


All Current Games Workshop FAQ's will be used.

Games Workshop Designer’s Commentary : HERE

Games Workshop’s Index and basic rulebook FAQ’s : HERE

The GW Beta Targeting Characters and Beta Psychic Focus rules will be used (scroll down the page): HERE

All of the ITC FAQ's and Rules FOUND HERE will be used.



  • The following Matched Play rules are in effect:
  1. Each army must be 2000 points or less.
  2. Armies must be constructed using the Battle Forged Armies guidelines on pages 240-245 of MRB.
  3. Each army can consist of no more than 3 Detachments of any type.
  4. Every unit in the army must have at least one Faction keyword in common, with the exception of those that are UNALIGNED.
  5. Reinforcement Points
  • The Super-Heavy Auxilary Detachment can only be used once in an ARMY.
  • All current Games Workshop & Forgeworld 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 source material may be used to build your Battle-forged army.  This includes all current and in-print Warhammer 40,000 Index books and Codexes from Games Workshop and Forge World. UPDATE 4-23: Due to its 2' x 2' size, fortifications like the Necron Tomb CItadel may not be used.
  • You must use the most current datasheets for your models – e.g. those found in a Codex rather than an Index if a Codex is available for your army. This means that you may use Faction-appropriate Index datasheets that might not appear in your Codex (such as Chaplain on Bike).
  • Warlords MUST be designated on Army Lists.
  • Warlord Traits MUST be determined AND NOTED BEFORE each game.
  • Psychic powers MUST be determined AND NOTED BEFORE each game.
  • The various Daemon Prince data slates, eg Daemon Prince, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Daemon Prince of Nurgle, will be considered a single data slate, max 3.

Painting, Modelling & Composition

  • THERE ARE PAINTING AND MODELING REQUIREMENTS. In addition to the guidelines laid out here you should also review our official MODEL POLICY.  No painting or composition scores will be calculated into the overall Team Scores.  Although painting quality is not a factor in the overall score, there will be an award for Best Painted Army at the event. 
  • Players caught playing more than the specified points limit will receive at the minimum a current round loss and possibly a round loss for every game before and will not be able to continue until the list is corrected and approved by ATC staff.
  • Players are responsible for bringing a Legal Army List. If you have any second guesses or doubts, it is your responsibility to double check with the ATC staff BEFORE coming to the event. Players found playing with an illegal list will not be allowed to continue in the event until the list is corrected and may suffer a deduction of all points awarded up to the time in the event when the illegal list is discovered.
  • A player that is found to be playing a different list other than the list presented to the ATC staff and other players will be penalized according to ATC staff judgement/assessment of the situation. 

General Requirements

  • You need to bring everything you need to play a complete game - GW FAQ(s), a copy of your army rules, templates, dice, tape measure, etc.
  • To speed up play, players should bring Photocopied Datasheets of the units used in their armies and a quick reference sheet of their weapons list.
  • Players should bring Wound Trackers for their army.  GW Wound Trackers or any 10-sided die works perfect for this.  Wounds should be marked as "Wounds Remaining" on the models.
  • 7 Copies of your army list are REQUIRED. Any delays caused by a player not having these lists may result in a team point reduction penalty.  Army lists that are brought for other teams reviews should be restricted to 2 pages max in order to help better facilitate the player pairings each round.
  • Due to space requirements and physical table setup, It is strongly recommended that each player bring a laser pointer or Line Of Sight system and a display table or tray with legs to place their books and unused models on during the event. 
  • The venue has a concrete floor. Rubber floor mats made for standing on hard floors for long periods of time are highly recommended.


The Captains Council will be held within a Private Forum.  As new Captains Register and PAY they will be added to the Forum.

When a team is registered and paid for, the team captain will be added to a special email list and given access to a forum that will consist of the other 40k team captains, ATC judges and Tournament Organizers.  This is where the ATC staff will present the captains with event updates and most importantly where we will put forth topics for your input and discussion, such as, missions, pairings, event times, penalties, etc.



  • ONLY The following Battlefield Terrain rules be used (pages 248-249 MRB):
    - Hills

          - Woods
          - Ruins
          - Craters
         - Barricades 

  • There will be Five Tables in every Table Section. One table will have Heavy Terrain, One table will have Light Terrain and 3 tables will have the Normal Terrain Coverage. This is intentional and is a key part of pairing players and choosing tables before the games even begin!
  • Terrain is pre-set on the tables. The terrain should NOT be removed, moved, re-adjusted, etc. We know that during an event that terrain does get moved around, so if you find yourself at a table that the terrain seems out of place or there are large areas with no terrain, call a judge or ATC staff over BEFORE you begin the game and have them re-set the terrain for that table. Captain's should review the tables and call over an ATC staff member to fix any issues BEFORE the games begin.


  • Sportsmanship will be taken into account. Sportsmanship is always a very important factor in all of our events. We are playing a game (supposedly for fun) and any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Players yelling or being abusive towards other players or ATC staff will be removed from the event and may face a possible ban in future events. There will be a reasonable warning and penalty system in effect.
  • Sportsmanship scores are used only to help inform the event coordinators and judges of any conduct issues that may need to be addressed.
  • We expect all players to see the game through to the very end and not concede, as doing so can impact tiebreakers and, ultimately, the final rankings. In the unlikely event that a player does concede before the game has reached its natural conclusion, then the conceding player earns a loss, with no extra victory conditions (e.g. Slay the Warlord).
  • Slow Play
  • A minimum of 4 mandatory turns is required to be completed every game. Teams taking armies or players that take a lot of time should train hard to be able to finish games to turn four within the allotted time frame or not take said armies to the ATC. Again it is the responsibility of the players, not the referees, to make sure games complete at least 4 turns. So once more Teams need to factor this into both their list design and their playtesting or suffer the consequences. If it looks like a game will not reach turn 4, even early on in the game, then it should be brought immediately to the attention of the referees who will decide based upon the following, but not exclusive, criteria, if any penalties are required:
  1. Number of ref calls by a player. The referees will have a list of teams and players to keep track of this over the course of the tournament. Refs will align these numbers every round. Calling a ref and waiting or looking for a ref have been common to slow down progression in games over the years so this is a factor to take into consideration. Players calling refs to their tables in excess will be judged with the possibility of foul play and stalling in mind.
  2. Number of models in an army, including summoned units. This can have an effect, especially if two big armies are facing each other. As such it is down to the referees to decide if it was unintentional or not.
  3. Time taken to deploy should be logged. Unlike turns which involve the interaction of both players, the deployment does not. Excessive deployment time can therefore be an indicator of slow play. Then obviously it is down to the discretion of the ref if a player is slow playing on purpose.
  4. It is both players responsibility to ensure games finish in time. Any game that gets reported where players do not play the minimum amount of 4 turns, including random game length, will see both players receive an official warning. If your opponent is too slow, ask him/her to speed up, if it doesn't help, get a judge to help speed things up. If that doesn't happen the above will be strictly applied. Consecutive games where there is the suspicion of slow play will see players that were previously warned incur an automatic infraction penalty. Thereafter any instance of slow play as deemed by the referees instantly incurs further penalties, cumulatively within even a single round if required.


  • Every player will receive a 2018 ATC Token Set and Paint brushes from Games & Gears!
  • Trophies will be given to every player on the top 3 teams, and prizes will be given to every player on the top 6 teams.
  • Trophies and prizes will be given for Best Painted and Best General.
  • Our famous ATC Best Army Medals will be given to the best overall player in each faction played.

Team Interaction

  • Players or By-Standers may NOT help each other out during game play (unless your opponent chooses to help you out for some reason). Players doing this will receive 1 warning and after that their team will have points deducted from their current round up to a max of total game points for the round per player involved depending on the seriousness of the affect towards the outcome of the game. By-Standers will be asked to leave the premises if this becomes an issue with them.
  • It is the player’s sole responsibility to inform the ATC staff of any such issue. 


Team Pairing System

The first round pairings of the ATC will be done randomly with the exception that no teams from the same game club will be paired against each other.

The 2nd through sixth round pairings will be done strongest overall score vs next strongest overall score.

After the second round of the event we cannot guarantee that teams from the same game clubs will not be paired against each other, although we will avoid it whenever possible.

Individual Player Pairing System

Teams will pair off into 5 individual games every round.

The event will have table sections containing 5 tables each, with varying degrees of terrain on them. One light terrain, one heavy terrain and three moderate terrain.

Individual Pairing will take place in the following manner:

1 - Teams will exchange lists and will take a few moments to review the opposing teams lists, making decisions of who they hope to pair their teams players against. discussing strategies, looking over tables, etc.  TEAM CAPTAINS SHOULD CONTACT A FLOOR JUDGE TO RESET ANY TERRAIN AT THIS TIME!

2 - Roll off- Winner Decides who get to choose table first.

3 - Each Captain writes down 1 of their lists to defend. This is done blindly and simultaneously.

4 - Both Captains reveal their defenders simultaneously.

5 - Both Captains now attack the opposing teams defender with 2 lists simultaneously.

6 - Both Captains Select which attacker they want their defender to play simultaneously. (Tables are selected based on order decided by roll off, then alternating)

7 - Repeat Steps 2-5.

After doing this. You now have 4 out of 5 matches chosen.

The last match is the game between the two attackers who were not selected by the defenders in Step 6.

This system guarantees a simple and consistently fair pairing process.


The ATC 2018 Warhammer 40k Event will be a 3-day event, held on July 13-15th 2018.

The following Cut Off Dates are firm and will NOT be adjusted/changed unless agreed upon by your team captains in the atc captain's council:

  • Registration deadline for the 40k ATC is Midnight EST, Sunday July 1st, 2018.
  • Army Lists are due by Midnight EST, Sunday July 1st. Army Lists MUST be submitted using the GUIDELINES SET FORTH IN THE CAPTAIN'S COUNCIL.  You MUST send ALL Lists in ONE email with your TEAM NAME and the words "ATC 40k Army Lists" in the subject line to

  • You MUST also include the Player Forms
  • No new factions or codexes will be allowed that are released after Sunday, June 24th.
  • No changes will be made to the FAQ or Army Building Guidelines after Sunday, June 24th. Any updates made to the ITC FAQ and Army Building Guidelines by the ITC will not be in effect for ATC 2018 after this cutoff date.


  • 5-Man Teams ​
  • The Super Heavy Detachment and The Supreme Command Detachment may only be used ONCE PER TEAM.
  • A Named Character May Only be used once per Team.
  • Only one player on each team may use units with the following Faction keywords, or keyword combination, i.e. if any player uses any units with the following Faction keywords, then no other player on the team may use any units with the same keyword:
    Adeptus Custodes
    Adeptus Mechanicus
    Adeptus Minsitorum
    Astra Militarum
    Blood Angels
    Dark Angels
    Death Guard
    Genestealer Cults
    Grey Knights
    Legion of the Damned
    Officio Assassinorum
    Questor Imperialis & Questoris Mechanicus (Both take up the same slot)
    Questor Traitoris
    Renegades and Heretics

          Sisters of Silence
          Space Wolves
          Thousand Sons
          Tyranids and <Hive Fleet>
          * <Chapter> or <Legion> is defined as any Chapter or Legion other than Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, Space                      Wolves, Death Guard,Thousand Sons and Grey Knights.

Last Update 6/23/2018


ATC 2018 will be using Missions #1, #2 and #3 of the ITC Champions Missions found HERE.

We will be using each of the three missions above, twice over the course of the event.