Greetings Recruits,
Gather your army and fight for the Galaxy! 


To register, Tickets MUST be purchased HERE at DICEHEAD.COM

Location (IMPORTANT!)

This ATC event will NOT be held at Camp Jordan with the other ATC events.

This event will be held at Dicehead Games & Comics, inside Bradley Square Mall.

200 Paul Huff Pkwy 
Cleveland TN 37312
423-473-7125 (Dicehead Games & Comics direct line)

Tournament Information & Guidelines

  • Formal 800 Point Advanced Structure Tournament
  • The most current Rules Regulations and Tournament Regulations that go into effect prior to or on the date of the tournament will be used.
  • Army construction rules per Rules Regulations for an 800 point army.
  • Each Tournament Round will last 2 hours.
  • The Final Table will have 3.5 hours.
  • There will be (at minimum) 3 Swiss rounds played.
  • The Terrain on the table will be free to be adjusted as long as both participants of the game agree to the final setup.  Do bring your barricades as you may be given the option to deploy them before the deployment of your armies. 
  • ​Entry fee will be $20.
  • Check in 9AM Saturday, July 13th
  • Painted Armies are very much preferred!
  • Please use the squad list sheet below to write down your army BEFORE the event.

Please make sure to check here regularly to get up to date information on rules and setup. 

Official Fantasy Flight Games rules can be found HERE.

Progression Rules:

  • Tournament points (wins) are the primary method of advancement.
  • 1st  Tie Breaker: Strength of Schedule
  • 2nd Tie Breaker: Extended Strength of Schedule

Prize support:

We will be honoring:
1st-3rd Place

Best Rebel Player

Best Imperial Player
Best Painted Army