Greetings Recruits,
Gather your squad and fight for the Galaxy! On either side, fight to liberate the system from its suppressing occupation.
This will be first time and, hopefully, the start of many years to come that the ATC will host a:


  • 2vs2 scenario driven tournament.
  • A team is allowed to use 1000pts on each side consisting of TWO 500pt armies.
  • Standard 3x6 battlefield and we will provide some scenery which you will be able to use and place before the round starts. However, bring your barricades because they may hold special value in the scenarios to come!
  • Entry fee will be $25 for each player.
  • Tournament begins on Saturday at 9 AM.
  • 2 hours per game and 6 rounds max per game.
  • Painted Armies are very much preferred!
  • Please use the squad list sheet below to write down your army BEFORE the event.

Team Composition:
Each player creates a list of 500pts with the teams total not exceeding 1000pts.

Also the following restriction applies to the amount of troops allowed to be used by each player:
Commander: 1
Corps: 2-3
Special Forces: 0-2
Support: 0-2
Heavy: 0-1

Command Cards:
Each team will construct a 7 card command deck containing:
2x 1 Blip / 2x 2 Blip / 2x 3 Blip and 1x 4 Blip cards.

Please make sure to check here regularly to get up to date information on rules and setup. Since this is a new format and official rules are not out yet for such a format, we are still in the process of fine tuning all the above listed regulations. 

Prize support:

We will be honoring:
The Best Overall Team and Tournament Winner
The Best Overall Team of each Faction.
Best Painted Army