The Taking of Scenica V: A Horus Heresy Event


The Taking of Scenica V Setting

SCENICA V The Scenica Cluster is located in the far corner of the Segmentum Obscuris, to the galactic northeast of Terra. The system is made up of 8 planets, with only one planet existing in the habitable zone and suitable for human colonization, Scenica V. Scenica was conquered fairly early in the Great Crusade, providing bodies for the Imperial Army, materials and resources to fuel the Crusade, and a strategic outpost for the Imperium to support their expansion into the far galactic north. Scenica V is surrounded by many habitable moons, providing an extreme abundance of biodiversity for the Imperium to exploit. Soon after the events of Isstvan V, forces both Traitor and Loyalist saw the strategic value of Scenica V. For one side, it could serve as a bastion from which to contain Horus and his forces and repel his advances. For the other, it was a step closer to Terra, and a foothold in Segmentum Obscuris. For both sides, securing the habitable moons around the planet became the top priority, allowing whoever controls them a base from which to execute the taking of the planet itself.


A Friday and Saturday Evening Event that will be held after the 40k Main Event has ended for the day.  Relax, hang out and come play in a great themed 30k event!

Players will declare themselves Loyalist or Traitor at ON SITE CHECK IN. If you can bring both a Loyalist and Traitor army, it will go a long way towards making sure the event is well balanced!  We will do what we can to accommodate your choice. This is a narrative event intended for fun, thematic games. Please bring an appropriately built army so that both you and your opponent will have fun. Skilled and competitive players: you are an asset to our community; challenge yourself and bring a list that will be tough for you to go 3-0 with. There will once again be no awards given for battle victories. Players will be paired based on what table / mission they may want to play. Grudge matches (players who wish to play a game against each other) will be accommodated. This is not a tournament, there is no Swiss pairing system, nor is there a pairing system of any other nationality. You may use different lists in between rounds, but we ask that you maintain the same faction / army throughout, as well as have any lists built and printed out ahead of time. This is to allow for a natural flow between rounds, and to avoid any delays or mistakes / errors due to building lists in a hurry before the game.

Fully painted and based models are a requirement for this event. Unpainted or partially painted models will not be allowed to be used. Day 1 will consist of two 1,500 point games Day 2 will consist of one game of either 2,500 points playing 3v3 or 3,500 points playing 1v1

Event Pack & Tickets

There will be a $10 Entry Fee to this Event to cover Prizes and Awards.

You may play one or both days with your ticket and only one ticket is required to be purchased.

Tickets can be purchased HERE AT DICEHEAD.COM