The ATC is Super-Excited to announce our First Ever Two Man Team Blood Bowl Tournament!

It will be two-man teams and a five game, two day event, with trophies for 1st place and additional product support.

You can Purchase Tickets Here.


Saturday July 15th (3 Games)

9:30 am (Check In / Setup)

10:00 am (Event Start)

Sunday July 16th (2 Games)

10:30 am (Check In / Setup)

11:00 am (Event Start)

Rounds will be 2.5 hours with a 15 minute set-up between each round. 

Team Building Guidelines:

Two Man Team Tournament - Each Coach on a team must play a different team.

1,500,000 TV (Team Value) for each individual coach on the team. 

Normal Restrictions for team rosters per their rulebook is in affect. 

Head Coach=Free (Must Have a Unique Model )
Cheerleaders = 10,000 each
Assistant Coaches= 10,000 each
Apothecary 0-1 50,000
Igor 0-1 100,000
Fan Factor to a max of 10= 10,000

After each round teams reset, so no tracking star player points.

You cannot Buy Experienced Players. 

No Star Players, No Famous Coaching Staff

You may purchase the following inducements as well.
02-Blood weiser Kegs-50,000 each
03-Bribes 100,000 each
0-5-Special Plays 100,000 each
0-2-Wandering Apothacaries 100,000 each

Rules Errata:

Limited Edition Cards Given out during the GW Blood Bowl League Cannot be used. (They are slightly different colors and allow a modicum of advantage when drawing)

The Piling on Skill, will not be legal for this tournament. 

Applicable Books and Material: 

BloodBowl Deathzone Season 1, BloodBowl Deathzone Season 2, BloodBowl Official Rules (From Starter Box), Downloadable FAQ and Errata (May 2017) from and BloodBowl Teams of Legend.

You must have up to date copies of the things Applicable to your Roster.

Players must bring their own Rulebooks dice, special plays,  templates and pitch.

Players  must have printed Legible Rosters for themselves and their opponent and the organizer. (This will be enforced)


Team Swiss Pairing.

Scoring Determines wins as normal. 

Match-ups Between teams will be decided by organizer using the following method: 
Scoring= 3 pts each
Casualties= 2 pts Each
Completions= 1pt Each
Interceptions= 1 pt each

Rushing Yards=
Passing Yards=

The Combined Values of these from both teams will be the Tie-Breaker factor for team positioning.