DUE TO THE PROXIMITY OF THE RELEASE DATE OF 2ND EDITION TO THE EVENT, There will be NO Painting Requirements for this year ONLY.  THERE WILL BE MODELING REQUIREMENTS (See below). No painting or composition scores will be calculated into the overall Scores.  Although painting quality is not a factor in the overall score, there will be an award for Best Painted Army at the event.

ALL models must be WYSIWYG! Exceptions MAY be made for themed units or armies. Each model must completely and accurately represent its entry on your army roster (including all weapons and equipment).  Furthermore, you need to contact us to let us know about any conversions you are planning on using, and MUST provide us with photos of ALL models in question. Don’t worry – we fully appreciate spectacular modelling skills, but we just want to make sure everything is super clear for your opponent so that no confusion can arise during games. Player's are required to email us to approve any  conversions/etc. To protect everyone’s experience, you will be required to remove any models that have not been approved, from the table, immediately. 

Players caught playing more than the specified points limit will receive at the minimum a current round loss and possibly a round loss for every game before and will not be able to continue until the list is corrected and approved by ATC staff.

Players are responsible for bringing a Legal Army List. If you have any second guesses or doubts, it is your responsibility to double check with the ATC staff BEFORE coming to the event. Players found playing with an illegal list will not be allowed to continue in the event until the list is corrected and may suffer a deduction of all points awarded up to the time in the event when the illegal list is discovered.

A player that is found to be playing a different list other than the list presented to the ATC staff and other players will be penalized according to ATC staff judgement/assessment of the situation. 





All Current Games Workshop FAQ's will be used.


4-5 Tournament Rounds, 2-Day Event (2-3 games Saturday, 1-2 games Sunday) : (depending on attendance)

3 hour rounds 


Saturday : Player Check in at 8 AM, Dice Roll at 8:30 am (2-3 games with 1 hour lunch break)

Sunday : Dice Roll at 8:30 am (1-2 games, half hour break and awards)


Details TBA June 30th



There is a lot to soak in here, so if you have any questions, take another look over the page and if you still can't find what you need, EMAIL us at with "ATC QUESTION" in the Subject Line.


You need to bring everything you need to play a complete game - GW FAQ(s), a copy of your army rules, templates, dice, tape measure, etc.

To speed up play, players should have all relevent warscroll cards or pre-downloaded on the WH:AOS app of the units used in their armies.

Players should bring Wound Trackers for their army.  GW Wound Trackers or any 10-sided die works perfect for this.  

6 Copies of your army list are REQUIRED. Any delays caused by a player not having these lists may result in a point reduction penalty.

Due to space requirements and physical table setup, It is strongly recommended that each player bring a Line Of Sight system and a display table or tray with legs to place their books and unused models on during the event.

The venue has a concrete floor. Rubber floor mats made for standing on hard floors for long periods of time are highly recommended.


Registration for The ATC Age of Sigmar Team Event 2018 IS OPEN NOW!


Pre-registration/Registration for The ATC Event is done through Dicehead Games & Comics.

Purchase your tickets HERE at DICEHEAD.COM to register.
A Non-refundable prepayment of $30 per person MUST be made to secure you team's place.



323 Camp Jordan Pkwy
East Ridge, TN 37412



Sportsmanship will be taken into account. Sportsmanship is always a very important factor in all of our events. We are playing a game (supposedly for fun) and any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Players yelling or being abusive towards other players or ATC staff will be removed from the event and may face a possible ban in future events. There will be a reasonable warning and penalty system in effect.

Sportsmanship scores are used only to help inform the event coordinators and judges of any conduct issues that may need to be addressed.

We expect all players to see the game through to the very end and not concede, as doing so can impact tiebreakers and, ultimately, the final rankings. In the unlikely event that a player does concede before the game has reached its natural conclusion, then the conceding player earns a loss, with no extra victory conditions (e.g. Slay the Warlord).

Slow Play

A minimum of 4 mandatory turns is required to be completed every game. Teams taking armies or players that take a lot of time should train hard to be able to finish games to turn four within the allotted time frame or not take said armies to the ATC. Again it is the responsibility of the players, not the referees, to make sure games complete at least 4 turns. So once more Teams need to factor this into both their list design and their playtesting or suffer the consequences. If it looks like a game will not reach turn 4, even early on in the game, then it should be brought immediately to the attention of the referees who will decide based upon the following, but not exclusive, criteria, if any penalties are required:

Number of ref calls by a player. The referees will have a list of teams and players to keep track of this over the course of the tournament. Refs will align these numbers every round. Calling a ref and waiting or looking for a ref have been common to slow down progression in games over the years so this is a factor to take into consideration. Players calling refs to their tables in excess will be judged with the possibility of foul play and stalling in mind.

Number of models in an army, including summoned units. This can have an effect, especially if two big armies are facing each other. As such it is down to the referees to decide if it was unintentional or not.

Time taken to deploy should be logged. Unlike turns which involve the interaction of both players, the deployment does not. Excessive deployment time can therefore be an indicator of slow play. Then obviously it is down to the discretion of the ref if a player is slow playing on purpose.

It is both players responsibility to ensure games finish in time. Any game that gets reported where players do not play the minimum amount of 4 turns, including random game length, will see both players receive an official warning. If your opponent is too slow, ask him/her to speed up, if it doesn't help, get a judge to help speed things up. If that doesn't happen the above will be strictly applied. Consecutive games where there is the suspicion of slow play will see players that were previously warned incur an automatic infraction penalty. Thereafter any instance of slow play as deemed by the referees instantly incurs further penalties, cumulatively within even a single round if required.


Mysterious Terrain will be rolled for each piece of scenery.

Terrain is pre-set on the tables. The terrain should NOT be removed, moved, re-adjusted, etc. We know that during an event that terrain does get moved around, so if you find yourself at a table that the terrain seems out of place or there are large areas with no terrain, call a judge or ATC staff over BEFORE you begin the game and have them re-set the terrain for that table.